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Sophia Center for Goddess Study. We are a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to providing a safe environment for women and men to explore Goddess wisdom.

Welcome to the Sophia Center for Goddess Study (Sophia Center) website. Sophia Center was born out of the desire to educate our community about The Goddess in Her ancient and contemporary depictions. It is our belief that learning about ancient and contemporary Goddess traditions will encourage balance and cooperation that will promote a deeper, more authentic and inspired lifestyle for women and men.

For too long The Goddess, as the feminine energy of the Universe, has been subjugated by the patriarchal system. We believe that our society, with its imbalance between the levels of value and esteem bestowed to men and women, needs to learn how to use feminine and masculine energies for the good of all. Because of this imbalance, women are not treated with honor and reverence and hence our planet Earth, which is seen as a personification of the feminine, is not being treated with honor and reverence. Our air and water are being polluted, our natural resources are being exploited for financial gain only, and there are conflicts happening in many parts of the world. Just by using one aspect of feminine energy that we are all aware of – motherhood — we know that the healthy mother loves all of her children (boys and girls) and she would use every means possible to bring about a reconciliation to a conflict that is based in fairness, rather than sending her children out to fight each other. So, too, with planet Earth. As the Mother of all living things on planet Earth, She would not pollute nor spoil its beauty for financial gain.

Sophia Center is also dedicated to being involved in the community by providing volunteers and donating funds to partnership organizations that are committed to providing services that empower women and girls to become conscious and appreciative of their innate power and beauty. It is our belief that when women and girls are empowered and are taught to value themselves they will not be defined by patriarchal values and roles, rather they will know and act with courage and power.

To educate our community and help alleviate the inherent bias of the patriarchal system, Sophia Center was created to be a nurturing environment for the community to explore and expand its knowledge of ancient and contemporary Goddesses. Activitiesinclude diverse and innovative weekly gatherings, seasonal celebrations, community activities, personal and group rituals, inspirational performances, classes, workshops and lectures. When we teach about The Goddess, we select one of Her depictions that is associated with a value or attribute we want to share. For example, with the Goddess Sophia, it is wisdom; with the Goddess Quan Yin, it is compassion; with the Goddess Athena, it is leadership and personal power; and with the Goddess Lakshmi, it is abundance and stewardship. We provide these activities to teach the intuitive oneness of Goddess wisdom, insight and tools for women and men to honor and value each other and the gifts each brings to our world.

In addition, starting this fall we will initiate our “Friday Evening Community Center” series where we invite members of the community to come to our beautiful Sophia Center just to enjoy the ambiance and/or to share their talents – music, dance, poetry, storytelling, etc. — while being in an atmosphere of trust and caring.

Please see our Calendar for the dates and times of scheduled activities.

As with any non-profit organization, donations are needed to carry out its mission. Love Offerings and other nominal revenue for classes and workshops only cover a portion of the cost for your Sophia Center experience. Please see the Contributions section of our website to learn how you can help support Sophia Center by becoming a Sustaining Associate and/or Sponsor.

Blessed be!

Rev. Anna Kendall, President




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